Director Message
Meerjapur is located between two big cities of Allahabad and Varanasi. Small townships like Meerjapur have their own challenges, difficulties and pressure. Inspite of all these obstacles we at Seth Dwarka Prasad Bajaj Education Centre have been able to achieve academic, extra – curricular and co-curricular excellence.

Ever since we started our journey in 1999, our endeavor has been to bridge the gap between small town children and their advanced brethren from larger cities. We have been able to provide maximum possible exposure to our children, develop English, Mathematics and Scientific skills in this Hindi speaking belt of Uttar Pradesh and also have been able to groom the personalities of all the stake holders of the institution.

Four pillars of our institution states:

  • We are an institution for those who actually wish to study and wish to prepare themselves for the challenges of 21st Century with concrete knowledge and skills.

  • We provide National and International exposure to our children to develop their confidence level.

  • We do not teach any short cut to success. Our children understand the value of hard work, courage and positive attitude.

  • We try and build 21st Century skills in our children such as self awareness, creative and critical thinking, empathy, collaboration, time management, digital literacy and team work.

  • A significant time and resource of institution is devoted to the up gradation of the skills of our children, teachers and parents. Throughout the year various workshops and training programmes are organized for the same.

    We actually believe in and practice our motto which says – “EVERY CHILD COUNTS”.

    Inclusion of NCC under self finance scheme is another feature to our cap.

    I wish all the children of Bajaj School the very best in all their future endeavors.

    Paritosh Bajaj