Scheme of Examination & Promotion Rules
There will be 2 examinations for classes III to IX and XI in the entire
Rank will be given only to those students who score a minimum of 40% in each subject. We have introduced Honour certificates according to the following criteria:-
For those scoring 80% or above in all subjects.
For those scoring 70% to 79% in all subjects.
For those scoring between 60% to 69% in all subjects.

For each examination student will be prepared in class through continuous evaluation process when the class test will be taken from time to time. Through proper questioning method and oral work students will be encouraged for regularity of work, improvement and reflection will be encouraged. From the very beginning of the academic session, the habit to do studies on regular basis at home to be instilled in a child. Students completely relying of the revisions work done in the class before each examination, need to work hard throughout the term to secure Honours/Distinctions, as REVISION of syllabus before examination will not be mandatory. The child must understand the subject matter/ Context thoroughly.
Any questions relating to the lessons/chapters may not necessary be asked from the question given at the back of each lesson but also from the lesson chapter as a whole.
Absenteeism during examination may not be tolerated except on medical grounds. If a child genuinely sick he/she is required to produce a medical certificate on the basis of which he/she will be marked Ab. in the report card.