Our Founders
‘Paropkarya Satyam Vibhootaya’ i.e. riches of virtuous men are meant for benevolence’ has been the dictum of M/s Tejpal Jamunadas family, a renowned trading firm of Meerajapur, Uttar Pradesh, which has established Seth Dwarka Prasad Bajaj Education Centre. The firm was established by Lala Tejpalji 174 years ago after migrating from BISSAU (Rajasthan).

Lala Tejpalji and his descendants – Lala Jamuna Das Ji, Seth Rameshwar Das Ji and Seth Dwarka Prasad Ji through sheer hard work, grit, determination, business sense and laudable efforts brought the firm to its present glory and social status. Their distinguished success in business made them aware of their social obligations and champion the cause of service to the society at large.

In the year 1900 Lala Jamuna Das Ji erected the picturesque “Shri Dwarkadhish Ji Maharaj” temple at Bundelkhandi Meerjapur. In 1916 the grand “Dharamshala Meerjapurwali” at Vrindavan came into being.

Seth Dwarka Prasad Ji cherished the desire to serve the people of Meerjapur in the field of education. His heir Shri Pradeep Kumar Bajaj deeply devoted to his deceased father, who breathed his last on 22nd Dec. 1995, laid the foundation of this institution on 15th November 1996 to immortalize the memory of his father and to realize the dreams enshrined in his heart.

Sole objective of the institution is to help bring up generations of disciplined , cultured and patriotic citizens who will contribute to the progress of the nation.